Wednesday, May 23, 2019

Community Building & Leadership Development Breakout Sessions

GreenLatinos Run for Office!

Now more than ever we need movement leaders to step up and run for office to defend all that we hold sacred: our families, our communities and our planet. And we need GreenLatinos' voices at every decision making table. In this workshop you will learn about the basic tools you need so that you or someone you know can run for office. You will also hear about resources and support available for those taking this step and hear how green issues are taking center stage in races up and down the ballot.

Integrating Equity in Environmental Work

Have you ever wondered why so many well-intentioned organizational “DEI” efforts (diversity, equity & inclusion) fail to have a truly transformative impact? Using an example from our field – the Union of Concerned Scientists’ SAFE Project (Scientists and Analysts Force for Equity) – this break-out session will examine one framework that acknowledges the individual, collective, and cultural dimensions necessary to effectively and authentically integrate equity and justice into our work. Following a brief introduction, attendees will be invited to examine your equity-oriented efforts through this lens, and then workshop them for feedback from facilitators & peers that can be immediately actionable after you leave the Summit!   


Funding la revolucion!

Fundraising is organizing and organizing is fundraising.  In this workshop, we will rumble with the shared values, principles and skills that make a good organizer also a good fundraiser. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, tell your story and learn how raising money can actually bring you into deeper relationship with your comunidad.

Male Domination in Environmental Movement: Healing Together as a Latinx Community

Because of sexism, males are forced into roles that assert their dominance to the detriment of us all. Because of racism, Latinx males are often used as an example of the worst form of male dominance. As a result our shared humanity and our human survival is at stake. This session will explore confusions between “culture” and “sexism” perpetuated by racism and internalized racism. We will begin to heal together as Latina, Latino, and Latinx leaders in environmental movement.

Cultivating Your Capacity & Resiliency as a Latinx Leader

As organizers and advocates for issues that are close to our hearts, and deeply meaningful within our communities, there may be times where we feel overwhelmed or stuck. At the same time, our imagination and spirit may be yearning for the opportunity to aspire towards something greater. In this session, Melody will offer some practical leadership development tips drawn from her training with Georgetown University's Executive Leadership Coaching program as well as real-world experiences in her journey through Congress, campaigns, nonprofits, the Obama Administration and the union world. You'll also have the opportunity to coach and be coached to help bolster your capacity and resiliency as a leader, so bring some ideas of personal or professional leadership issues you'd like to work on!